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Deland electric Industries Company , producer of switches and sockets and similar components began its activity in the field of producing switches and sockets in 1982 , and succeeded to be introduced as a superior producer by the Iranian standard institute on consecutive years between 1990 to 1994 thanks to the diligent efforts of its specialists and perseverance of its management.with over thirty years of activity and experience and due to using the best raw materials , employing the potentials of the skillful specialists and provision of a superior quality proportionate to the needs and demands of the customers and the society , deland electric industries is known as a first class and model company in the area of switches and sockets industry . enjoying the standards of the council of Europe , acting as a colleague laboratory for examination and testing of the switches and sockets produced by other companies , and certification of the products of this company by the national standard of iran , all serve as a proof for this claim . producing quality products and attaching value to the environment are among the priorities of this company .

The company takes advantage of its research and development (R & D) unit to offer new products with a high quality in conformity with the daily needs of the society . that is why it has been picked up as a model production unit of the golestan province in 2012 and 2013 , model standard unit for construction maaterials in 2011 and model standard unit in the years 2009 and 2010 .
We wish to be able to take more effective steps toward the honor of the Islamic iran with the lofty endeavor of the specialists and experienced workers of the company and with the blessingsof god , The Almighty.